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World Cup Time! – How big is a football Pitch

People may be surprised to know there is no fixed size for a football pitch, just a range

The length of the pitch must be between 90m and 120m, the width must be between 45m and 90m. For some reason a bit of trivia I remember from my childhood is that Doncaster Rovers had the widest pitch – (That quite probably isn’t true now as they moved grounds)

Oh and one other restriction is that a pitch can’t be square – 90m x 90m is not allowed.

Question – In percentage terms how much bigger than the smallest pitch can the largest pitch be?

On these figures, the smallest pitch would be 90m x 45m = 4050m2

The largest pitch could be 120m x 90m = 10800m2

So the largest pitch could be 166% larger than the smallest pitch!


In reality that doesn’t happen, the pitch sizes in the Premier League last year ranged from 7140m2 at Bournemouth    to 6400m2 at Stoke City.

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