Whatever your Situation, we can Tackle Maths together. I offer Online Maths Tuition – working online is easier than you think, and it means we can switch subjects really easily.

With all my students, the first session is free.  We use that time to get to know each other and understand what you need. You can take this session with no obligation to work with me further.

Check out my Diary Page where I regularly post about Maths, including answers to exam questions. 

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Grappling with Geometry or Bemused by the true meaning of ‘BODMAS’

Do you need a high grade in Maths to take your studies or career further?

Do you just need a few extra marks to get you over the line?

Please Contact me – and we can discuss how we can help you meet your goals

Currently all my tuition is on-line. I expect this to continue until at least early 2021

I have experience in tutoring students at all levels of ability and expectations. We will work at your speed, directly addressing the problems you have.

Many of my students have been working towards Maths GCSE in England and Wales. I also offer A-Level and Functional skills levels 1 & 2.

And I believe everyone can reach their potential in Maths – You may find you can do more than you ever expected. I hope I can also show you that Maths is fun!

“Chris is a very good Tutor we are very pleased with his teaching.”
Mrs A (Parent)

“Made it easier to relax and do the work in the sessions”
Eddy (Student)

“Chris is understanding and very helpful. Will do anything he can to make things easier ”
Jade (Student)

This is a selection of testimonials received. More can be found on the testimonials page