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When the tutor doesn’t listen to himself!

Here is a thing I always say to my students…  make sure you read the question ..

And here is a confession..  though I can do algebra and number skills in my head, if I ever have to stop and think, its on the Geometry and Angles questions.

So yesterday was with one of my brightest students, and we’d finished the main activity for the day so I brought out my reserve exam questions…  and the first one was about the Alternative Angle Theorem.

I know this theorem well and I know I know it… but I don’t

always believe I know I know it!  And yesterday I looked at the question and my student was looking at me expectantly…   Later in the evening I realised the main problem was I hadn’t read the question!  Doh, as Homer Simpson would say



Let’s have a look at the question – and how much easier it was once I’d read ALL the information!

I could immediately see that this was an Alternative Angle question – that is a picture of exactly when it applies.  But ‘Prove AC = BC’ – I couldn’t see how to use the theorem to prove that. There didn’t seem to be enough information in the DIAGRAM!! Its where my moment of confidence crisis kicked in and I’m sharing this with you to show it happens to tutors too (especially when watched by eager students). The way out if this happens to you is to sit back, stay calm – possibly come back to this question later – and read ALL the information given


So who can spot what I didn’t read!!  The answer to this – and the whole question – will be given tomorrow