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Christmassy problem – The answer!

The true love gets 12 Drummers (On the last day, and 12 partridges – each with its own pear tree – 1 on each day!.  To see how many of each of the other gifts look along the marked diagonal!

So its the gift on days 6 and 7 that she gets most of; The geese a-laying and the swans a-swimming; 42 of each..  Lets hope she has a large pond 🙂

A Christmassy Problem!

What does The twelve days ‘True Love’ get most of?

The twelve drummers drumming of course!

But is that really true because she only gets 12 drummers on the last day, on that one day. That’s a total number of 12 drummers.

She gets 11 pipers piping on the last two days, a total of 22 pipers!  So that is the most, yeah, she gets most pipers?

Work back through the twelve days and see what she gets most of.

Answer in the next post, later this week.