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Women in Maths;

The advantages of my paid work being in the afternoon is that I can listen to the radio in the morning – in bed!  This morning that meant I caught an interview I wasn’t expecting, on Radio 4’s Life Scientific, with Mathematician Eugenia Cheng..  I’ll include a link to this show here, though unfortunately you’ll need to be in the UK – and to be reading this in the next 4 weeks – for this to works (I Think).


Please listen to the programme, its fascinating.

The first thing that moved me was her discussion of finding Maths a male world. I am slightly irritated that the first half dozen students in my ‘stable’ are all male. There was a possibility of one female student but she preferred a female tutor. I could understand that, but it worries me that parents might be seeing a need to push their son’s but not their daughters towards further achievement in Maths. This isn’t a critique of the parents currently hiring me..  I’m not sure there are any daughters in those families.

But understanding Maths is for everyone. Ones gender does not restrict you from being a real achiever in Maths.  Later blog posts will celebrate the women who have contributed.


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