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Its all linked y’know

 When I was at school, there was some kind of assumption that students heading for A-level would be ‘Scientists’ or ‘Artists’  and it was generally assumed that I would be a ‘Scientist’…  and so I was…

But with the wisdom of age* comes the realisation that there really isn’t that much to choose between them. Maths is the language of Science  and Algebra is the language of Maths(as I say in one of the videos on this website) . Its all about communication of ideas and to limit oneself to one method is to be half the person you could be.

When teaching, particularly exam technique, I do strongly encourage students to write their answers in full sentences. Its about communicating your full idea, and it helps the person reading it (who is in a position to hand out marks!) to be more sympathetic to you.

[*I have age, I leave it to the reader to decide if I have wisdom)

In one of my favourite YouTube clips, Australian actor Tim Minchin gives the graduation address as his University. I’ll post a link below if anyone one wants to watch the whole thing, but in my favourite part of the speech, he talks about the distinction between Science and Arts…  Here are some quotes

“Please don’t make the mistake of thinking the Arts and Science are at odds with one another”

“You don’t have to be unscientific to make beautiful art”

“Science is not a body of knowledge or a belief system, Science is just a term that describes humankind’s incremental acquisition of understanding through Observation
Science* is Awesome”

“The Arts and sciences need to work together to improve how knowledge is communicated”

that includes Maths!



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