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How to construct a ….

When I was teaching at the local FE college, there was one part of the GCSE where I sort of cheated,,,  I let YouTube do the work for me!  I am referring to ‘Constructions’ – which can be hard to recreate on a whiteboard, especially when was one my ‘Motor Skills’…

The premise of these skills is that the student needs to construct the following:

  • A perpendicular bisector of a line
  • A perpendicular to a line from any given point
  • Bisecting of an angle

The extra catch is these have to be done using a pair of compasses and a straight edge only

There is something a little ‘old fashioned’ about these skills, but they remain on the GCSE Maths syllabus. I’ll also add that I haven’t seen them as much on recent exams papers. One question, at most, across all three papers for any given season seems to be normal.

For all that they are rather fun to do and understand.

They are hard to do in front of a class; and on a blog too!   So let me give you some links to show how to do them.


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